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CuteStuff. is Level 74 on the US Moviestarplanet.


CuteStuff. is a member of Team Pump. She also has a team of her own called Stuffers.  Rumors say she has been Pumpchkin's friend since about level 10. They have worked hard together and CuteStuff. has made a difference on her own. Never has she given up on her friends/fans/family.

She quickly rose to fame after TanaMan' dared Donnie C to date a low level. After that, Tana wanted to date her for a long time and Mwah, another user, gave her VIP. She made an artbook to Pump; this made Pump quite nervous, because she could not trust many people, but accepted CuteStuff's request to be her best friend. Pump replaced an old friend of hers who was quitting (Juliepoolly, they had been friends since 2011).

Usual Appearance and Style Edit

CuteStuff.'s style varies every day. She has a pointy nose, dark pink lips, and tan skin (signifying that she is partially white, partially African American). She wears any hair color and clothing color. Most of her outfits match the outfits of the other Dream Team girls. She is often seen in blue.