Mother In Law Nightmare is about Donnie's mother, Mrs. C, wanting to separate Carla (Pump) from Donnie. 

Storyline Edit

When Tana (Carla's Brother) comes to talk to Mrs.C, she does something cruel to him and hides him up on her basement. Carla goes crazy, and knows Mrs. C has hidden or done something to her brother. Mrs. C says she never would have, and acts supportive towards Carla, though her anger inside twirls into flames. That is when Kylie (Pump's best friend) comes into the scene. She believes in Mrs. C, and together they put Carla into the hospital so she can be watched "24-7". With the help of Kylie, Carla does not suspect anything and goes. While she discovers the plan when she is locked in the room, she starts a tantrum. Devesh, playing the guard, is rough and mean to her. Kylie then after regrets this and asks Mrs. C To let her out, but Mrs. C says no. Kylie then says she will get Carla out herself, whatever the cost. Mrs. C then leads her up to the basement and shows what she did to Tana. It is expected Kylie will also die or gain injuries in the hand of Mrs. C.

As for Donnie, in the last playing episode he starts the search for Carla.


Carla and Donnie Before She Is Locked Up.