None of these rumors have been proven true and some are extremely unlikely

  1. Pumpchkin has had "relations" with some MSP users. Some believe Pumpchkin had only 1 friend when she started but as she became famous, ditched them. The friend's name is said to be Swagqueen70 who gave up on becoming famous and is level 11. (Has quit MSP)
  2. Pump's dad owns MSP.
  3. Pump only adds VIP moviestars.
  4. Pump bullies and only says that she is against it.
  5. Pumpchkin hacks Moviestarplanet to get so famous and rich.
  6. She and the Dream Team know each other in real.
  7. Pump is a 40 year old man.
  8. All of the Dream Team is Pumpchkin's other accounts.
  9. She has reported Packers212121 so many times that she's the reason he is always locked out.
  10. Her backup account Pumpi Pie <3 got banned because so many people reported it.
  11. She has cheated on people.
  12. Pump called her supporters 'Porters' to signify that their her slaves.
  13. Pumpchkin created pump planet. (However, [1]in this video pumpchkin confirmed she didnt make it)

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