Keep updated, the rules will always change!

  1. No swearing. If MSP doesn't allow that swear, we don't either.
  2. No purposely fluff editing or anything of the type to get a badge, or in general.
  3. Don't message hurtful, rude, or inappropriate things to any user on this wiki, or post in the comments.
  4. You can say your opinion on the users we have pages for, but if it starts a fight or someone hatefully disagrees, all comments in the conversation will be deleted.
  5. Don't vandalise a page. This includes removing all information on the page, putting incorrect information, or put highly opinionated information.
  6. Don't impersonate any Moviestarplanet or wiki users.
  7. No pressuring anybody to share personal information. It is completely their choice in what to share.
  8. No editing another user's user page without permission unless you are an admin or removing rule braking items. Other than that, admins will only add 1 category to their page, Users.
  9. No threatening.