Hello editors! I figured that we could use Userpage categories. Userpage categories can be added to your page, and it will group us together to learn things about everyone. So, what categories can we add?

Male Users Add only if Male.
Female Users Add only if Female.
Users Everyone uses.
Active User Add only if you feel like you check on the wiki almost daily.
Semi-Active User Add only if you feel like you check upon the wiki often, but not weekly.
Inactive User Add only if you feel that you never come online.
Porter User Add only if you consider yourself a supporter of Pumpchkin and her Dream Team.

Do you agree that these should be added? What else should we use? Why? Are these a good idea, or why not? I'd love your feedback!

Go ahead and add your categories to your userpage only. If you don't comment on this post, I will take up the task of adding the category Users to your page. If you wish not to be sorted by categories, please leave me a message.

Thank you and happy editing! | 05:01, September 20, 2015 (UTC)

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