Hello my friends! I am MSPCPMH, a current 7 day editor going for 2 weeks. You'll notice the Wiki Activity is covered by me, editing, updating, and cleaning up the wiki. I think this wiki can become something special if we get some active Pump fan editors. 

Why would I want to request adminship?

The wiki is in need if cleanup: deleting comments, deleting pages (there is a certain page I'm itching to get rid of), updating the main page, and making this wiki as welcoming as possible! Besides, wouldn't it be nice to have an active admin? 

Can I even request for adminship right now?

The answer is indeed yes! I figured I'd rather give anyone happening onto this wiki a heads up on this request. I didn't really need to make  a post because nobody is here, but I thought I'd be nice.

I want to do this soon, if at all. In June, I may become inactive for a week because I'll be on vacation, so I want the wiki to be fantabulous my then! :) 

Because nobody is here, I'll give it a night (different for you). I hope you accept me! :]

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