MSP Kute Kisses
Clare Is Known On moviestarplanet. She is level 12 and has started her own team. She started her team very early. When she was level 3, she was wanting her own team. She originally started her team As Team CFS. Aka Team clare famestar. Then She had shared the artbooks and kept making movies and looks. She soon had supporters. Quite a lot. Then her supporters one day suggested her to team up with Someone Named EmmzyPal. Who is currently her best friend. They have re-named the team, Team CFE. Team clare fame emmzy. They have gained supporters and haters. Clares makes forums and movies But is more known for her artbooks. She makes Some looks now and then. EmmzyPal Is very well known for her hit movie series. She makes looks and Is amazing at making artbooks. They continue to gain supporters and level up. Clare is really nice and always trys to pay attention to all her supporters and make them feel like family. Clare also has a youtube channel. She now calls her supporters her "fancyful stars." She is not in a relationship and claims to be in a relationship in real life. Her back story is yet to be discovered. Nobody knows how she came to moviestarplanet And what her backstory is. We continue to discover this new face on moviestarplanet...

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